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In North Carolina the medical industry has lobbied for and successfully made it virtually impossible for parents to give birth at home with a midwife.  North Carolina is one of only five states where a midwife must be under a physician's supervision when delivering a baby, and the majoirty of all physicians require this to take place in the hospital.  This erronious practice was highlighted this week in Asheville when a midwife, Tina (Rowan) Bailey, was arrested and charged with murder after a mother she was caring for delivered a stillborn baby.  The law in which the District Attorney is trying to proscecute her on was modeled after a federal law that George W. Bush signed into law in 2004 which allowed for double murder charges to be brought if a pregnany woman was murdered.  It is unprescented to charge a midwife for murder for a baby lost in childbirth.

If we allow uIf w allow one midwife to be tried and convicted for murder, where will it stop?  The corporations are attacking our liberties and right to choose how we give birth.  The midwife community is raising money to help Rowan meet the $15,000 goal to get released on bail and hire an attorney.  They are over $8,000 already in two day.  If you can help this midwife who has cared for hundreds of babies and stop this corporate takeover of our liberties, please see the link below about donating.  Thank you!




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This story has nothing to do with corporations and everything to do with a negligent and irresponsible midwife. I think everyone who reads your post should read the mother's account. She was very pro-homebirth and pro-midwifery but not after her experience with this individual. You are wrapping a cloak around and individual you know nothing about. Have some sympathy for the baby boy who died, the mother and her family. Thanks.


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I do have great sympathy for the family & can not even begin to imagine the pain & grief they are going through.  The loss of a child is an awful thing & my heart goes out to anyone who has endured that.  I did read the mother's account.  I will say that Rowan delivered my first child and what is described in the post is the complete opposite of my expereince with her.  She was very professional and knowledgable.  She went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable as first time parents.  I think the bigger issue here is the law in North Carolina virtually prohibits parent's right to choose where they want to birth their baby.  My wife & I had our first child in North Carolina and it was very difficult trying to find an avenue to have the birthing experience we wanted.  We moved to Vermont before the birth of our second child in part because the midwifery laws there are a lot more friendly to the parent's right to choose what kind of birth experience they want.  The laws in North Carolina are geared around the medical industry & pro-hospital and MD birthing.  If we allow one midwife to be tried and convicted for murder, where will it stop? Murder is the act of intentional killing & that kind of accusation is unprecedented in a healthcare setting.  It is also yet another attack on women's rights by republican legislators.  The woman's right to choose where and with whom to give birth.  For more info on this incident there is a discussion archived at:


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Yep its the evil corporations fault, it could not possible be the midwife or the situation they found themselves in. The district attorney must have seen something to charge the midwife.

Standard progressive blame the corporations.

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"For more info on this incident there is a discussion archived at:"

I've listened to the entire show. No one will gain more "info" about the "incident" (loss of a baby boy) from the show. I do recommend that people interested in hearing more about the debate visit the blogtalkradio link provided and read the discussion happening below. This "bigger issue" tactic is a distraction from the actual story unfolding and the real suffering going on. Loss of freedom doesn't trump loss of life.

"Rowan" is not her real name. Its Tina Louise Bailey. Did you know that much about her? Did you know this about her:

" Tina Louise Bailey, 44, of Craig Circle, was charged with prostitution. A secured bond of $250 was set. Darrell Brooks made the arrest."