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Oh boy, I need to hear Thom's voice every day it keeps me sane. And now all of a sudden he is not available any more on AM1150 from 9am to 12pm PST. I knew he was changing the time but I did not know that I now have no idea how to listen to him on the radio any more in the Los Angeles area. PLEASE HELP!!! 



I don't know the answer to your question; the posts below have been discussing this issue since the schedule change was announced ... I do not know if they have found the solution yet. The few suggestions that seemed workable involved spending money on new portable devices to replace the lost AM channel.

Good luck. My only way to hear/see Thom in Baltimore area is on the web, on my desktop pc ... ( http://www.livestream.com/thomhartmann ) can't afford a portable option. Other web options are :
http://dar.fm/, and this one, which may or may not have been updated since the schedule change :
http://tunein.com/radio/options/The-Thom-Hartmann-Program-p34417/ . There are other web sites that help you connect to out of town radio stations on the web; can't remember the addresses right now.

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carmenlynne, I am in the same situation as you. I live in Moreno Valley and could only hear Thom's show on the radio, and was lucky I could even do that (or perhaps it was karma) at that distance, but fortunately I live on the lower slope of a southwest facing mountain.

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I listen to Thom on the MP3 stream live but the player was still up after the show at 3 PM (PDT) and the first hour stream is repeating.  Maybe they're going to do that for awhile to help.



I just turned off the MP3 stream at 8:00 PM ET. The show was still going. I usually watch Thom on http://www.livestream.com/thomhartmann , but it was breaking down today, so SueN said to switch to http://www.thomhartmann.com/radio/listen-live. I clicked on the MP3 stream , but my system did not have a player defined. I clicked on Listen live at KPOJ, and used that until livestream came back. I ended up switching back and forth a few times, missed a lot of the show. After the live show ended, I installed Realplayer so I could listen to the MP3 stream. Windows Media Player did not recognize the MP3 stream for Thom's show.  Flashplayer did nothing for me, I'll have to see how to set that up. It's nice to have options. 

It looks like the entire MP3 stream for todays show is available after 6:00 ET, for those who missed out earlier.  Not sure if this is a one time thing, or a new thing. Still does not help those who usually listen on AM in LA on KTLK,  and can't get Thom now.  The devices and software to get Thom live without AM / FM either are not portable, or affordable for some people.

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Try VLC for streaming.  Available on about everything.